Simple idea for the @threadless everyday heroes challenge scoring here: or check the link in my profile. Just writing down the words as I was about to do some brain storming for this challenge, and this idea jumped out at me. It’s criminally simple, but I liked it. I don’t know if everyone around the world has been doing this, but every Thursday night, at 8pm everyone stands outside their front doors and claps for a few minutes. To thank the carers and the key workers – the girls and guys who’ve never stopped working during this whole nightmare and kept the world running. My other half is a nurse, and the first week it made her emotional to the point of crying. These days she uses it as an excuse to gossip with the neighbours! #art #design #illustration #typography #thankyou #thankful #criticalcarenurse #nurse #carer #keyworkers #covid19 #tshirt #tshirtdesign #nhs #graphicdesign

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