What I do

In 2010 I decided to start making art in my spare time. It was part a necessity to learn, part a desire to be part of the poster art community I had grown passionate about through collecting.

This eventually led to me becoming part of the Threadless Tees community, whom I love dearly.


Threadless is a platform where artists submit their work, the community votes on it and that helps the staff decide what to pick to print.

Until recently this was the way things were, but in fall 2015 Threadless opened artist shops, which are a print on demand thing. For info on mine, check here or visit this link.

What else?

It’s not all about Threadless. I’ve had work printed at a number of shops around the world and sites around the interwebs, you can find them if you look hard enough! One of my biggest thrills was to see my work in Gap.

Why a picture of my cat, well she’s like a mascot, sitting beside me as I come up with my weird and wonderful works.


Threadless prints


Submitted designs


Years designing shirts


Years designing

Traditional media

Though I tend to prefer working in vector, I can and do draw and use pens and pencils from time to time!

Digital illustration

I prefer working on the computer, because I’m fairly indecisive and having different versions and undos is invaluable.