Dark Side of the Lips

new1So, first proper post. Don’t think I’ll be keeping it up.

The Flaming Lips take on Dark Side of the Moon was released this week on iTunes and I’ve been lucky enough to have a listen. Whilst the themes of the songs are pretty dark: greed, aging, and mental illness the album always leaves me feeling cleansed and happy. This isn’t the case here though. The album has a really dark feel. The distorted bass, rantings of Henry Rollins, the coughs and sneezes at the start of “Time” freaked me out somewhat.

It’s great hearing an album I love, being re-done by a band I really like, but I think it’s pretty bleak. The costumed fun characters that we’ve all seen on stage lie dead, mutilated and covered in blood. It’s a great interpretation, and Peaches does an amazing job on “The Great Gig in the Sky”, but I think I’ll be saving this album for a time where I’m feeling happier!