Hello nobody!

I’m terrible at updating, I know. I guess it’s because I’m just too busy with making new work and with life in general.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had several designs selected for Threadless over the past few months. One for the Court of the Dead, a couple that were design to celebrate Pride (1 & 2) week, something based on the Space Shuttle and most recently a bit of a Trump protest shirt featuring The Statue of Liberty.

There’s something else happening, but I’m not sure if I can speak about it, or indeed, if it is happening at all. Thing run kind of slow round here, as you might’ve guessed!

I think I burned myself out more recently, Threadless were running a enamel pin badge challenge and I think I submitted something like 20 different designs. I think my work really suits pins, most of my work is vector and I always tend to use strokes around fills. Perfect for creating pin badge artwork. No news on those, but there were some brilliant submissions, so I’m guessing that I got passed by for some of those. It’s all good though, you can’t win them all.

This is kind of a ‘nothing’ update really, I notice a massive spike in visitors yesterday and thought I’d better put something in. It’s kind of embarrassing! Attached is a picture of a bald eagle in space. It’s unofficial name is Stars and Stripes, but given the current state of politics in the US, I thought I’d best keep that quiet! It was created for the “Ludicrous” challenge. Most of my work is pretty ludicrous, but anyway if you happen to visit this page close to when I posted, you can score the thing here.

If you’re reading this, god bless. If not then…