I’m talking to myself at night…

Threadless have another competition on at the moment. Do a design based on your favourite video. I think you can enter three designs, but I have loads of favourite video, so many that I just can’t think of what to do. This was my immediate thought, because I like the video to seven nation army. Simple thinking really, the song’s off Elephant, the beat it relentless like a marching elephant’s footsteps, and it features the line “because I can’t forget” elephants never forget. Paired this with red, black and white, and the zooming triangle. Aparently Jack White is obsessed with the number three.

I submitted this yesterday, and hopefully it’ll get accepted and do ok. I hope no one has copied it, as I added it as a critique ages ago and people looked at the page, but no one commented or scored it. Will update this with voting page when I have it.


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