New site, new stuff, no style.

Enjoying the new site so far. Having the blog section a little bit off to the site means I can write a bit more and not be worried that it’s the first thing people will read on the site! Still enjoying making work in my free time and decided not to try and find “a style”. I spent a great deal of time earlier this year trying to perfect a very simple way of drawing faces.

It started with drawing Walter and the dude for a Big Lebowski challenge, then I moved on to Star Wars characters, Doctor Who’s and finally on to the Dwarves from the Hobbit film. The last one was something I was really pleased with as they were very simple, but there was something of the original characters in there. Sadly, someone pointed out that someone else had done something similar and it had been printed on tee shirt. I can’t help wondering if they’d seen the works in progress on my Facebook page.

This thwarted my progress, but also made me realise that having a style wasn’t something I wanted. It’s a great and enviable thing if you have a style, but if your style is not having a style, that’s fine too! Working commercially as a designer means that you have to follow a set of guidelines, and whilst that’s okay in my professional life, my personal work is more like playtime. Who wants a playtime where you can only play with one toy or imagine one thing. I used to love playing with my star wars figures, as well as action man coming in like Swift’s Gulliver.

Instead of getting bogged down with a style I’m carrying on doing anything I want to, including the rather random Trio of Trumpeting Tarsiers you can see in the gallery.

Until next time…