Sam Bell, this is for you…

Moonnew1 Moonnew2First post of 2010, though I’ve not been being lazy. Very busy on several pieces, but working a full time job leaves very little time to do things like this, so it has taken a while, working a few hours over each weekend. It’s undergone quite a few changes since the film initially inspired me to do something. I decided to go much lighter with the design. Made up of three shades of grey and the bright yellow.

One thing I really love about Moon, apart from the acting and story that it, is the attention to detail. All of the graphic design in the movie is fantastic, from the uniform Sam wears to the user interface of the computer, the Lunar corporate logo really stood out to me. Hence the eventual backdrop for the design.

As a child my imagination was captured by the vision of the future that was sold to me in things like Aliens, Space 1999 and to a certain degree, Star Wars (though we are told that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away) it was however the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Moon has this stamped all over it too. I can only assume that being a similar age to me, Duncan Jones was inspired too.

I loved Moon, one of the best films I have seen for ages. Sam Rockwell delivers a compelling performance as Sam Bell, especially when he first meets his clone, who his three years his Junior. You really get a sense of how he’s changed over the three years up in the space station, and how he’s overcome his anger issues. Younger Sam seems very focused, if not a little highly strung.

I digress. Here’s my design anyway. I may fiddle with it, but I have so many other projects on the go, I really wanted to get this finished and to move on.