During the first lockdown I drew a peregrine falcon in a couple of styles. Since then I’ve not been as productive, so I decided to start doing bird profiles to help me get back to regularly making things in my free time. When I was about nine or ten, I watched the #kenloach film #Kes. It’s a heartbreaking film, but as I was a kid, was more focussed on beautiful scenes when Billy is flying Kes. It began a lifelong obsession with #birdsofprey. Subsequent birthdays and christmases came and I received bird books, videos and all sorts of paraphernalia. For one birthday I was taken to a bird of prey conservation and held a rescued #kestrel on a glove. It was like meeting a celebrity! Anyway, stay tuned for more. I may put them in one of my shops if anyone is interested. #art #design #illustration #kestrel #artistsoninstagram #britishbirdsofprey #vector