Back to 2015

2015 – A Back to the Future design challenge. Rewind to about 1986 and for the first time in my life, the local town council were showing a movie in MY town and it was this one. I was so excited, I get to go to the cinema in my town, without getting the bus and getting an adult to take me. On top of that it was with all my school friends. Mind blowing! Well maybe not, but something unusual at the very least. The venue was usually reserved for darts tournaments, junk sales and wedding receptions.

In a round about way, I’m trying to express how much this film means to me. So a design challenge, was quite literally a challenge. Where do you start with something that you’re so familiar with. I felt like (and any designers will know what I mean) designing a logo for yourself. It’s really difficult, because you can overthink it. I probably spent a day making over complicated designs, that no one would wear. So I decided to keep it simple. Looking at the car, and other iconic parts of the trilogy.

Three of them focussed on the iconic car, the final was a repeat pattern made using things I doodled when thinking about the film.

Fast forward a month later, I received an email from Threadless saying they’d picked on of the designs for the collection. Two days later, the same thing happened. Totally stoked to have two designs included in the official Back to the Future collection.

You can buy them here