Back in 2010 I joined a site called Threadless. I’d started doing a bit more of my own work to fill time. My Mother had passed away in the summer of 2010, and I was left with a massive gap in my life. I used to see her loads, and frankly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. The TV series LOST was coming to a close, which I also watched with Mum and to celebrate, a series of posters were released all by a bunch of talented artists. I read up about them all (another time filler) and even reached out to a few of them asking for advice. Some of whom were more graceful than others, one guy (who will remain unnamed) came across like I was going to steal all of his clients, career, equipment and motorcycle!

Anyway, one guy, Olly Moss, submitted designs to Threadless, which is how I found the site. I’d always been big fan of band tee shirts, often making or customising my own so tee shirts as a medium for art and design really appealed to me. I started submitting and it really helped me develop as an artist.

Fast forward six years later and I’m still a member of the site, lucky enough to have been printed many times. Threadless has helped me cope with the loss of my Mum by focusing on my art and design, by giving me a reason to do it. Themed and sponsored challenges always open up new ideas and the ability to learn new things – from technique and skills to art styles and artists.

This month my Threadless store opened. I was asked to pick ten designs from the 550+ I’ve created to go into my new shop. I chose designs which received high scores, some were partially funded and some just made me laugh and I had a blast doing them!

Because Threadless holds such a dear place in my heart, the designs I’ve chosen are exclusive to Threadless – you won’t find them as tee shirts anywhere else.

You can check them out them here