I’ve been a fan of tattoos for as long as I can remember. My Dad has them, and his Dad before had them.

Despite my love for them, I don’t have any. I think this is down to my indecisive nature. I just don’t think I could live with something permanently on my. Maybe that’s why I like tee shirts, it’s a less permanent way to express yourself.

These were for a tattoo design challenge which was run by one of the guys famous for miami ink. The large one you can see up top was one of my collaborations with a guy I know from Threadless called James Murphy/Sweet n Sour. I love his work, which is exactly as his name. Sweet illustrations with a weird twist.

The others I did on my own, influenced by classic tattoos, but with my own spin. The famous Koi tattoo, a day of the dead skull and a deity (Hanuman, a Hindu monkey god.