European Bee Eater

Winter Wildlife

Anubis 2


The Red Kite

Number 17. The Red Kite. Another one of our majestic birds of prey. I really want to visit Bwlch Nant yr Arian where I saw @meganmccubbinwild & @chris.packham visit during their wonderful Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer programme, where the red kites were being fed. I’ve never seen so many wild birds of prey in […]

The Starling

The Mute Swan

Number 15. The Mute Swan. We’re lucky enough to see swans quite regularly where we live, on the river and the canal. Very graceful and beautiful, but I’m always wary due to the frequent words of caution from adults “Careful, one flap of their wing could break your arm” saying. Weather it’s an urban myth, […]

The House Sparrow

Number 14. The House Sparrow. The humble House Sparrow, a bird we see more than any other. Apparently in Japan, they are a symbol of loyalty because of their friendly nature and ability to live in groups. They’re quite funny to watch, squabbling over the best perch and queuing up for their turn on the […]


The Osprey

Number 12. The Osprey. I think Osprey’s have to be one of the most magnificent birds on the planet. Watching how they gracefully pluck fish from water is something to behold. Loved it when #springwatch covered the nesting birds and fledglings. I’ve now added the collection to Red Bubble here – titled “Ornithologism”. #art […]

The Flamingo

The Puffin