It Grows on Trees

The brief for this job was

Amp it up: Create a bold, bright design that sings or shouts!

There’s more to music than toe tappin’ and head boppin’. Music exercises young creative minds in ways that sports and other academics cannot. Studying music can improve kids’ cognitive skills, build their confidence, and help them learn that being an artsy misfit is actually pretty cool (we would know)!

For all these reasons, we are joining forces with Able Made® to amp up music in America’s public schools and support the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. The foundation works with administrators to restore music education programs and provide students with their very own instruments. Your challenge is to design a bold, bright t-shirt that sings or shouts. Amp up your design to the max, because 25% of net proceeds from the sale of the winning design will go to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. As always, your submission should not contain any logos.

Help us spread the music love far and wide. In the name of more flute lessons, tambourine circles, and saxophone solos for all, get to tootin’ your horn and submit your idea now!

This is my design,

The origins of music often speak of rhythms and sounds that our ancestors heard in nature. So I had the idea of the tree being a music instrument, the blossom being musical notes.  Music education is important, I like the idea that a tee design could help place a guitar in the hands of the next Jimi Hendrix, a drum kit in front of the next Keith Moon or a sax in the mouth of the next Kenny G 🙂