Once in a while Threadless have challenges which really inspire me, and the current “Select” challenge is one of those. Threadless have a premium range called Select, and as well as tee shirts, they have polo shirts (I was lucky enough to win the challenge), sweaters, sweatshirts and all sorts of fancy ladies wear.

The designs tend to be more understated than the regular Threadless shirts, but still have the same sense of fun. The theme this time around is a loose one, college days. So it could be a preppy shirt, or a tie for a debating class… you get the idea. Amongst the clothing available to designers are shirts, leggings, neck ties. All sorts of fun stuff that designers might not have the opportunity to try had it not been for threadless.

So this is a shirt I designed. I actually took the inspiration from an old colour theory book and that was the starting point. I was pretty pleased with this, so hope it does well. shirt