Goo goo g’joob

The best version of this idea I did. Very proud of this design despite the lousy score I got.

It’s been ages

Wil try and update more often. In the meantime here’s a tree with a moustache and glasses.

Break on Through

Break on Through is up for scoring at Threadless, please vote and comment, it’s gone very quiet.

For the birds

Have I already used that title before? I can’t remember. Almost up to date now, this was just a simple pattern I came up with which I thought would look pretty cool on a tee. It just so happens that there was a hoody competition on at the same time and I thought the design worked well on both. Anyway, it’s currently tanking on Threadless and destined for a crap score. Two days left so please vote if you can, here.

I may be back in September, or a may be back sooner, my plan is to keep on top of things, but plans never seem to work out.

Abstractions 2

The other idea I had a while ago. I really like those paintings that you have to look at from a distance to see what they are. Not that they look shitty up close, they just resemble something else. This is the earth, I took the colours from an image and it took some trial and error to get it how I wanted. I’m really proud of this, and hope to afford to get a big print of it made one day. I also entered it into the hoodies competition.

Abstractions 1

Another good chap on Threadless set up another community challenge, based on another art movement. I first became aware of Jackson Pollock when I saw The Stone Roses covers by John Squire. I like movement in them, you can really imagine the movements of the artists as they created the pieces. So I wanted to do one myself. Of course I did this digitally, but I was pretty pleased with it in the end.


This is the second…

The eyes have it

This photography based challenge also got me thinking about eyes. I heard a quote once, something about photography allowing to see through someone else’s eyes. Once is based on colour, the other, a visual pun on a lens. There were thousands on submissions featuring pictures of cameras, so I was happy to do something different.

This is the first one

What a hoot

Threadless based a competition around designs for Shutterstock. These were supposed to celebrate photographs and photography. I saw this moon image whilst browsing through, got to thinking about nocturnal creatures and came up with this. I like it, but I like most of the things I do. The fun thing with this design is that it would light up at night on the eyes and beak. Scored about 2.5, which is too low for printing. Now if I stuck a zombie/wolf in there…

Yo lunchbox, hurry it up.

I did an second design for the competiton mentioned in the previous post. I just like Jay and Silent Bob so much I wanted to do something with them. I’ve never seen any tee shirts based around them, so thought of this simple design. Despite my simple designs generally not doing too well, this did ok. 2.7, but I think it’s because it’s a pop culture reference. I’m surprised I didn’t get some grief for this.


A nice guy on Threadless set up a community challenge for Minimalist designs. I quite enjoyed it. As a designer I’m used to having a brief, I think I need that as I have so many ideas I don’t know which ones are stinkers and which ones are less stinky.

There was also a coffee design challenge up so I combined the two and came up with this. I was pretty please with the results. One thing that I am coming to terms with is that my simple designs don’t do very well on Threadless. It’s frustrating as I love simple things, and all of my ‘design heros’ are masters of simple designs. It’s a learning process for sure.

You’re gonna like these birds

Went to a falconry centre as part of a belated birthday present that got delayed due to personal reasons. I wasn’t that bothered about going, but when I got there it was fantastic, I was 7 again. I used to draw birds of prey as a kid, had videos about birds an watched Kes too many times to recall. We got to learn falconers knots, then got to hold a kestrel, buzzard, burrowing owl and a boobook owl. Then got to fly an owl, vulture and finally took some harris hawks hunting. Took a million photos and ended up doing this. Got an allrightish score, but I don’t care because I really like it.